Blasphemy: Panamera is Porsche's top-selling vehicle

The Porsche purists worst nightmare has come true: a four-door Porsche has become the best selling model in the sportscar maker's lineup.

When Porsche first announced that it would be producing a four-door hatchback Gran Turismo model purists around the world cried blasphemy and said it shouldn't even be considered.

Then Porsche revealed the car and even more criticism rung out, denouncing the four-door hatchback as ugly and sure to never sell. Porsche took similar grief when it announced that it would build an SUV - the Cayenne.

Now fast forward just a few short years and it looks as if the critics and purists didn't have access to the same market research as Porsche executives, who have recently released that year-to-date, the Panamera is Porsche's top-selling model in the U.S. with 4,941 sales. Which model is a close second? You guessed it, the Cayenne with 4,290 sales.

Although Panamera is king though August, Leftlane expects the heavily and fantastically redesigned Cayenne to continue an increasing sales trend for the rest of 2010, passing the Panamera by year's end as the brand's top-selling model. Cayenne trails the Panamera by 651 units thus far in 2010, but the Cayenne sold 148 more units than the four-door Panamera in August, a recent trend that should continue as the new Cayenne continues to arrive on dealer lots nationwide.