Nissan cans 240SX revival for Sentra Coupe?

In a move that will no doubt infuriate dedicate Nissan fans across American, Nissan has once again killed the 240SX, instead considering a Sentra Coupe variant.

Like many performance cars being considered by mainstream automakers, there is often a long, drawn out process of on-again, off-again announcements, before the eventual downturn of the economy finally puts the project to rest. Sadly, for the 240SX Silvia, it appears as if a down economy and an estimated low volume have put the final nail in the coffin - again.

But with this bad news comes a silver lining - maybe - as the confirmation by Larry Dominique, chief product planner for Nissan North America to Ward's also mentioned that a he would be open to considering another variant of an existing nameplate, ie a Sentra Coupe.

Nissan already offers the Sentra in several trim levels, including the SE-R with 177 horsepower and the range-topping SE-R Spec V with 200 horsepower, albeit in sedan form only. Adding a coupe variant would allow for an economies of scale benefit, more impressive nameplate sales, and it should be far less expensive to transplant the SE-R Spec V upgrades onto a Sentra Coupe than to create an all-new model completely.

At this point, the only thing for sure is that a 240SX is not in the cards at Nissan, with the possibility of a coupe Sentra only slim at best for the near-term.

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