Chevrolet snags advertising director from Subaru

2010 will likely be remembered as a year filled with fluctuations for the automotive industry, with the marketing personnel practically leading the way with countless changes.

General Motors has made changes of historic proportions to its advertising efforts so far this year, and the changes continue to roll in, this time with the acquisition of Kevin Mayer from Subaru.

Prior to joining GM as the advertising director for Chevrolet, Mayer started his career in the automotive industry with Hyundai back in 1997. At the time, Mayer was involved with the development of corporate strategy and marketing, as well as promotions and advertising in various positions.

After leaving Hyundai, Mayer joined a private firm, Colby and Partners, which then managed the American Suzuki Motor Company advertising account. Mayer served as senior vice president and account director for Suzuki while with Colby.

Mayer's final role before his recent decision to join Chevrolet was with Subaru of America as the director of marketing, beginning in 2007.