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GM stamping plant likely to close after UAW vote

by Drew Johnson

UAW workers at GM's Indiana stamping plant have voted down a measure to cut wages in half, putting the future of the factory into question.

The future of General Motors' Indianapolis stamping plant was put into question on Friday after UAW members voted down a measure that would have reduced pay by 50 percent but would have cleared the way for a new plant owner.

GM previously announced it would close the Indiana plant if it couldn't find a buyer, with today's news seemingly sealing that fate. J.D. Norman Industries, an Illinois-based stamping company, was seeking to purchase the plant, but required a 50 percent pay cut by the plant's UAW workers.

Although the official results of the vote have yet to be revealed, UAW Local 23 shop chair Gregory Clark says the measure was defeat. The official results will be revealed on Monday.

Despite the likely future of the plant, Clark says that the plant's workers aren't panicking. About a third of the plant's UAW workers are eligible for retirement, with the remaining employees optimistic about transferring to another GM production facility.

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