Lamborghini Sesto Elemento revealed in Paris [Live images]

Finally. We now have a series of high-resolution images that do an excellent job of giving Lamborghini's carbon fiber creation due justice.

Leftlane has been tracking the release of a series of preview images from Lamborghini for two weeks, but now have a series of high resolution official images of what was once believed to be the upcoming Jota.

The Sesto Elemento is comprised entirely of carbon fiber - resulting in a total weight of just 999 kg, or 2,198 lbs. Because of the combination of the incredibly low weight and a V10 engine, 0-60 times are expected to come in around 2.5 seconds.

Previous images
Although Lamborghini intentionally left out any sort of description of what the pictures are of, we now know the first image was taken from the side of the vehicle, next to the windshield, and looking back down and across the hood. The carbon fiber likely extends down to the front of the hood, and the interesting-looking black object that appears to be anchored near the bottom right of the image may in fact be a wiper blade.

The second image was of some sort of ventilation holes for the rear-hood, likely for the 10-cylinder engine underneath to breath out of.

Following that image was an incredibly unique interior layout shot, showing a very new approach to the traditionally closed off design of the modern automobile dash. Lamborghini is often known for its wild and enticing exterior designs, but the interior of this mystery car may end up stealing the show.

As with the other images Lamborghini released, for the fifth image we were given no information or a description - just simple carbon fiber. Luckily, this one was a bit easier. The image was shot from behind the driver's seat, with the focus set on the seatback, and a red steering wheel fading in the distance.

The sixth image was also a bit easier, this time showing a close-up of the vehicle's wild rear fascia and spoiler decked out in carbon fiber.

Be sure to check back with Leftlane regularly throughout the week as we begin to bring you live coverage from the Paris Motor Show floor - which will include the Sesto Elemento.

Live Images