Porsche toying with all-electric Panamera sedan

Green is definitely in full swing in the auto industry, and now Porsche's own chairman and CEO, Matthias Müller has revealed that an electric Panamera exists.

Porsche already shocked the world when it revealed its extreme-performance 918 Spyder, that had as much right calling itself "green" as it did considering itself an exotic high-performance sports car.

Now, the brand's CEO, Matthias Müller, revealed to several reporters at the Paris Motor Show that there is testing currently underway for an electric-only version of the popular Panamera sedan.

Although Müller wouldn't give anything resembling details or specifications on the car, he did confirm that testing is underway, and pending results, the car could theoretically have production potential in its future.

Should the battery-burner get the nod, it would become the sixth powertrain available for the Panamera, which currently ranges from a base model V6 and 300 horsepower to a range-topping 500 horsepower turbocharged 4.8-liter V8.