Report: Masterati's planned small sedan to come fall 2011

Updating an earlier report, new sources are suggesting that Maserati could bring an M5-fighter to market a full three years ahead of original plans.

When Leftlane first brought you the news that inside sources were suggesting a new, smaller Maserati to slot beneath the Quattroporte, the timeline suggested the four-door wouldn't come to fruition until 2014.

Now, sources revealed to Inside Line that the sedan is moving along quickly, with the latest estimate putting its debut in the fall of 2011 - years ahead of the original timeline. The is intended to offer a more affordable entry-level starting point, somewhere in the same range as the Panamara's base price of $74,400, but also offer serious performance variations to take on the likes of BMW's M5.

We have also learned that the sedan will be penned by the in-house designers of Fiat Centro Stile under Fiat design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti. This means that we could potentially see a differentiation in the yet-to-be-named Maserati sedan, as the current sedan - the Quattroporte - was penned by long-time partner firm Pininfarina.

IL also says Maserati has yet to pick a location to build the car, but cites ample capacity at the Modena, Italy, factory. Given the fact that sources are seemingly indicate that car has not yet been pinned, nor a production location chosen - expect delays beyond the seemingly hopeful fall 2011 date.

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