Nissan's Juke ads as unconventional as the car [Videos]

When Nissan created the Juke it did so knowing full well that the design was polarizing - very polarizing. It appears they are continuing that theme into marketing.

While the first of the two new commercials released by Nissan pushing its new crossover, err, "Sportcross" Juke was moderately normal and quite entertaining (you have to admit, the donut shop glass stunt was hilarious), the second commercial just left us scratching our heads.

The Juke is admittedly and intentionally different. Very different. The design inside and out is intended to turn heads, and will acceptably cause others to scratch their heads.

Apparently Nissan thought creating their advertisements with a similar style would be fitting. Either that, or they think the same 12-year-old kids reading comic books will be buying the Juke in a few months.

So what do you think? Good advertising that will get people talking? Or too far out there to sell a car?