Shelby adds $750, 624-horse "R" tune to GT350 lineup

For a mere $750 extra, Shelby has managed to crank out an additional 99 horsepower from its supercharged GT350.

If the 525-horsepower supercharged Shelby GT350 isn't quite enough for you, the Las Vegas-based performance tuner will now offer a 624-pony GT350 variant.

Topping the Shelby GT350 range, the "R" tune model (don't call it GT350R, although Shelby will neither confirm nor deny plans for such a model) boasts unique engine and supercharger tuning compared to the standard model. Shelby says all will be capable of running on standard pump gas. Both come with a Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple black finish supercharger and a host of suspension, styling and brake upgrades. All GT350s, whether supercharged or naturally aspirated, start with Ford's new 5.0-liter V8 plucked from the 2011 Ford Mustang GT coupe.

Shelby hasn't released many performance details on the GT350 with the "R" tune aside from the uprated horsepower figure, but the company's president says that the model is the "ultimate small block muscle car."

"The results show that the Shelby GT350 takes American performance to an entirely new level." said John Luft, president of Shelby American.

"In recent tests, the standard supercharged car hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds and ran the quarter in 12 seconds flat at 121.4 mph, all while generating 1.05g of lateral acceleration and stopping from 60 mph in only 107 feet. We believe the "R" tuned GT350 will be even faster."

All GT350s also come with a unique Shelby/Ford Racing suspension package, Shelby caster camber plate kit, upgraded Baer/ERADISPEED brakes, Cragar 19-inch alloy wheels, a Borla exhaust and a complete styling package. Like its siblings, the "R" tune will be registered in the ever-important Shelby Registry with its own unique VIN.

Shelby also announced today that it will offer all versions of the GT350 with either solid painted-on stripes (pictured) or GT350-labeled adhesive stripes (like on the preproduction GT350 Leftlane drove earlier this year). A new "Powered by Ford" badge will also be added to the front fender of all GT350s.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the reasonable $750 price tag for the "R" tune on top of the $33,995 for the supercharged GT350 conversion (which doesn't include the purchase price of a 2011 Ford Mustang GT coupe).