Next BMW M3 to feature 445HP six-cylinder?

A recent image leak may have revealed the engine destined for the next-generation BMW M3.

There is little doubt that the next-generation BMW M3 will be stepping down from a V8 to s six-cylinder engine, and a recent image leak may have just given us a sneak peak at the next-gen motor.

An eagle eyed member of the 1Addicts forum managed to snag a screen shot that appears to reveal the next-generation M3 engine. Listed under the N54B3OTO engine code for the U.S. market, the engine is claimed to generate 445 horsepower.

BMW fanatics will notice that the N54B3OTO engine code is shared with the upcoming M 1-Series. However, the M version of the 1-Series is slated to come packing 340 horsepower, indicating that a few software tweaks could easily add another 100 horsepower.

It also remains possible, although unlikely, that the 445 horsepower engine is earmarked for a special edition of the 1-Series. While the idea of a 445 horsepower 1-Series sounds great, it would inevitably outperform the current M3, which would be a major no-no for the German automaker.

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