Next-generation NSX back on?

Once thought to be DOA, Honda has reportedly resumed development of its next-generation NSX sports car.

Hond's next-generation NSX supercar was reportedly dumped into the waste bin when the auto crisis of 2008 took hold, but a new report suggests the NSX project could still be kicking within the confines of Hond's HQ.

According to Motor Trend, Honda engineers have resumed work on the NSX successor. However, the concept of an all-out supercar has been scratched, making way for an eco-minded sports car.

In order to keep costs down, the reborn NSX is now slated to ride on a modified version of the Accord platform. However, those Accord roots don't mean the NSX will arrive as a front-engine car as engineers have managed to swap the front and the rear of the car, allowing for a mid-engine setup.

A V10 engine was originally planned for the new-age NSX, but Hond's 3.5L V6 is now likely the engine of choice. A hybrid system could also be involved, with total output expected north of the 400 horsepower mark. Power will be sent to all four-wheels via Hond's SH-AWD.

The new NSX has yet to receive the official green light for production, but the sports coupe could arrive in Honda (or Acura) showrooms by the middle of the decade.

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