Toyota looks to turbos, direct injection for better MPGs

Toyota may be known for its hybrid technology, but the Japanese automaker will be boosting its overall fuel economy with turbos and direct injection.

Toyot's green technology has long relied on the use of hybrid systems, but the Japanese automaker will begin to employ turbo charging and direct injection in the coming years as it looks to increase its overall fuel economy.

Following in the footsteps of several other automakers, Toyota is now developing turbocharged and direct injected gasoline engines for its small and mid-size vehicle offerings. The use of turbos and direct injection is intended to boost Toyot's overall fleet fuel economy.

"In the next five years, the general trend is downsizing of engines and the use of turbochargers," Takeshi Uchiyamada, head of Toyot's R&D, said in a recent interview. "Another development will be direct fuel injection."

Uchiyamada added: "Eventually, we will see significant numbers of vehicles carrying engines with turbochargers."

Uchiyamada failed to give a timeline for Toyot's upcoming turbocharged engines, but did indicate the new engines would likely surface in the Corolla and Camry.

Toyota expects that just 10-20% of its new car sales in 2020 will be comprised of hybrid vehicles, so the company's new turbo and direct injection technology should become a fairly large part of its green initiative.

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