Audi: Plug-in hybrid coming in 2014

Mark your calendars. Audi has released a target date for its plug-in hybrid plans: 2014.

It's hardly a secret that German luxury carmaker Audi is working on a plug-in hybrid vehicle - its various e-tron concepts have more than hinted about its plans - but the company has now confirmed 2014 as an on-sale target.

"We will successively bring out a variety of hybrid models and electric vehicles, such as our first plug-in hybrid in 2014," said Franciscus van Meel, Audi's manager of electric mobility strategy.

The automaker intends to be the premium EV segment leader by 2020 by offering a full lineup of battery-powered vehicles that will constitute about 5 percent of its overall sales. It will start by offering hybrid-electric versions of its A8 and Q5 next year, followed by a hybrid A6 in 2012. The high-spec e-tron-based R8 EV is also due out in 2012, according to the automaker, but a plug-in hybrid is still several years off.

"Today we're assuming that our sales of Audi e-tron electric cars will rise to a six-figure volume by 2020," van Meel told reporters in Germany.