BMW workers charged with stealing $4M in auto parts

Arguably more brazen than the Chrysler UAW workers recently busted for using alcohol and drugs on the job, these BMW workers stole millions from their employer.

A few months ago several United Auto Workers union members working at Chrysler's Jefferson North plant were exposed to millions online after an investigative report caught the workers on film drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and consuming drugs before immediately returning to the assembly line.

Now, it appears as if several workers at a Munich, Germany-based assembly plant have been charged with stealing nearly $4 million worth of parts from the factory to sell them online, according to a report by the Daily Mail via Motor Authority.

According to the prosecutors, the thefts were carried out by several assembly plant workers and one outside contractor. The workers gamed the system by ordering extra parts, particularly seats, to be checked for quality control. Then, one of the workers in the quality control department that was in on the scam would claim the items were thrown away for being defective, when they were in fact often sold online or to local repair shops.

The entire operation was so advanced that the workers even setup foreign bank accounts in order to properly launder the money - a necessary move given the fact that the total stolen ended up being several million dollars.

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