Toyota to fix 650,000 Prius vehicles worldwide for faulty pump

Although the issue with the latest fix does not pose a safety risk, it will require some 650,000 Prius models to be fixed by Toyota Motor company worldwide.

Toyota has announced that it will be fixing a total of 650,000 Prius vehicles worldwide due to a coolant pump issue that can lead to overheating.

The majority of the 650,000 vehicles named in the fix, some 378,000, are located in the U.S. market according to Reuters. The vehicles in question are model years 2004 through 2007.

Toyota clarified that this latest problem is not a safety recall, nor was it mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rather, the Japanese automaker identified a problem with the system that can allow air bubbles to enter the water pump system, which can in turn reduce circulation and cause the gas-powered engine to overheat.

Should the issue begin to arise the could is programmed to notify the driver of the engine temperature issue, and if ignored, will enable a "safe mode" to reduce power and heat production.

Toyota plans to begin the repair campaign in December.

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