Ford delays shipments of some 2011 F-150s

Ford has delayed some shipments of its 2011 F-150 due to a parts shortage.

Ford has delayed some shipments of its 2011 F-150 pickup truck due to a parts shortage. Ford failed to reveal how many units were affected by the parts shortage, saying only a "small population" of trucks were being held over quality concerns.

"A certain population of trucks is being held due to limited part availability," Anne Marie Gattari, a Ford spokeswoman, said. "We're awaiting that part so we can ship this small population of trucks." Gattari didn't identify what part was causing the delay.

Although not an all-new model, the 2011 F-150 is an important product for Ford. The new truck features four new powertrians, including a class-leading 23mpg 3.7L V6 and a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 set to hit the market early next year. Two new V8s - a 5.0L and a 6.2L - are also on tap for 2011.

The F-Series truck is arguably Ford's most important product, and has remained atop the pickup truck sales chart for the last 33-years.

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