Gas projected to top $3 nationwide by Christmas

With crude oil at $90 per barrel, analysts say that $3 per gallon gas is coming to every pump in the United States.

Crude oil is up to prices not seen in three years, leading analysts to suggest that $3 per gallon gasoline is just around the corner for every driver in the United States - although many states are already well above that point.

Oil closed yesterday at $90 per barrel, the highest since 2008's spike that eventually drove prices up to $145 per barrel. In June of 2008, the national average topped $4 per gallon, but the pain at the pump quickly subsided to around $1.65 in January of 2009.

Currently, the national average is around $2.95 per gallon, but many states - including California, New York and Washington - are already well above $3 per gallon average. Colorado continues to offer the cheapest gas to drivers, at $2.67 on average, while Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Missouri are not substantially above average.