Report: Sport-themed Chrysler 200S coming in mid-2011

Although the revised Sebring-turned-Chrysler 200 isn't even at dealers yet, a new report suggests a new variant is already in the works and on the way.

When Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy last year the automaker knew it had some ground to make up, but it had limited funds in order to make it happen. While some vehicles were given complete redesigns, the Sebring was given a very thorough, but not quite "all new" working over for 2011.

That new car, the Chrysler 200, has been mostly well received, but the chief complaints of the car were centered around its driving dynamics in comparison to some of the segment leaders. To address that, Chrysler has apparently been preparing a 200S variant, according to Allpar, and that sport-minded car will arrive in mid-2011.

Although the source says it does indeed have confirmation that the car is in fact coming, it is relegated to speculate as to what exactly the changes will be. the belief is that the car will feature the expected cosmetic aero tweaks, wheels and tires, likely suspension changes and lowered ride height, as well as a revised interior to complete the sporty theme.

With a mid-2011 arrival date for the 200, expect the 200S to make its debut as a 2012 model year vehicle.

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