Ford expands Windstar corrosion recall by 37,000 vehicles

After further collaboration between Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Windstar axle corrosion recall has been expanded by 37,000 vans.

Just over three months ago Leftlane reported on Ford's announcement to recall just under half a million Windstar minivans, model years 1999 through 2003, for issues related to a corroding rear axle in states with significant snowfall.

Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Ford have announced an expansion of that recall to include roughly 37,000 additional vans, by including a Utah in the list of areas to be recalled, as well as including 2003 Windstars with heat-treated rear axles.

The problem stems from a "˜U' channel design on the rear axle beam which created an unintentional holding place for salt slurry in areas that treat roads for snow. This holding location ultimately was exposed to abnormal levels of salt, which in turn caused the housing to rust through.

Ford has said that it will retroactively reimburse owners who have already paid to have the issue repaired out of pocket, as well as to replace the faulty part for other owners who have not yet experienced the problem.