Chevy creates video to explain EPA's 93mpge rating [Video]

Although not quite 230mpg, the EPA has slapped a mileage sticker on the Chevrolet Volt and now the automaker has created a video explaining why.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced fuel economy rating for the Chevrolet Volt, coming in at 93 miles per gallon equivalent, but even still many - if not most - had questions concerning how exactly the EPA arrived at that figure.

To address those questions, Chevy has decided to create an explanatory video to explain the two ratings for the Volt, including the 93 mpge rating and the 37 mpg ratings - with both falling well short of the original 230 mpg rating GM touted.

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In what the EPA calls "combined composite", the Volt achieves 60mpg, which is essentially a combined rating of the car's electric and gas modes. The Volt is officially certified with an all-electric range of 35 miles, with the gas engine adding another 344 miles of range.

GM seems to be pleased with the Volt's final ratings, but some will undoubtedly be disappointed with the Volt's 37 mpg gas-mode rating. However, we'll hold judgment until real world driving results are available.