Lexus RX meets Cayenne: BYD unwraps crossover hybrid

It might look like a Lexus RX crossover, but Chinese automaker BYD's crossover has a powertrain of its own.

China's Build Your Dreams - better known as just BYD - took to the stage at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to make the North American Debut of its S6 DM crossover.

Looking more than just a little like a second-generation Lexus RX 350 with the tail of a Porsche Cayenne, the S6 DM continues BYD's tradition of blatantly copying other automakers' designs.

Unlike the Lexus, however, the S6 DM features a 102-horsepower gasoline engine powering its rear wheels and a 14-pony electric motor sending power to the front wheels. BYD claims its crossover is the world's first dual mode SUV, but that's a point that is likely to be contested by Lexus.

BYD says the crossover can travel up to 60 kilometers - or about 37 miles - on purely electric charge and around 275 miles with a full tank of fuel.

The Chinese automaker is optimistic about bringing its S6 DM to North America, but we wouldn't hold our breath.