Audi unveils A1 Quattro concept: S1 preview?

Audi has revealed a new A1 Quattro concept, possibly hinting at a future hot hatch model.

Giving us a sneak peak at an upcoming hot hatch model, Audi has revealed its A1 Quattro concept. The A1 Quattro concept is currently undergoing winter testing on the snowy roads of Montreal, Canada.

Wearing the body of the current A1, the Quattro concept is fitted with the same all-wheel drive system used in the Audi A3 and TT. Like those models, the A1 Quattro defaults to front-wheel drive, but engages the rear-wheels via a rear-mounted clutch when slippage is detected.

Audi says the Quattro concept's drivetrain will "underpin future high performance variants of the A1", indicating a true S1 model is on the way. Audi was scheduled launch a performance S-variant of the A1 last year, but decided against that name because the car didn't feature the S-line's signature all-wheel drive. Instead, the car debut at the Paris Motor Show as the A1 1.4 TFSI.

Audi failed to reveal when a production version of the A1 Quattro concept might arrive on dealer lots.