Future Lincolns to be better differentiated from Ford counterparts

Ford says it is working to better differentiate future Lincoln models from their Ford counterparts.

Some of Lincoln's current offerings - such as the MKZ sedan and MKX crossover - are little more than rebadged Ford models, but the Michigan automaker says its future luxury offering will be better differentiated from their Ford counterparts.

In an effort to better differentiate Lincolns from Fords, future Lincoln offerings will feature unique interior and exterior designs, bespoke technologies and Lincoln-only powertrains.

"The strategy isn't just new products, but full differentiation from the Ford brand in not only design, but in technology," Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of global product development, said at the Detroit Auto Show.

Although a rear-wheel drive Lincoln isn't currently in the plans, Kuzak revealed that future Lincoln vehicles won't share any sheet metal with their Ford platform mates. Future Lincoln's will also receive unique suspension tuning, which should help further differentiate them from Fords.

But despite the improvements to the brand, don't expect Lincoln to go global anytime soon. "Our focus right now is in the United States," Ford CEO Alan Mulally said.

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