Marchionne: Jeep Commander was "unfit for human consumption"

Confirming the Jeep Commander wasn't Chrysler's best effort, Sergio Marchionne has labeled the SUV "unfit for human consumption."

In the world of automotive executives, there are all too few that actually speak their mind instead of spouting off some PR mumbo-jumbo. Bob Lutz was one of them, and Chrysler's Sergio Marchionne is apparently carrying that torch.

There is little debate that the Jeep Commander - which went out of production last year -- was a sub-par vehicle, but most executives would try to spin the SUV's failure in a positive light - sure it only got 13mpg in the city but it had seating for seven! However, Marchionne isn't pulling any punches when it comes to the Commander.

"That car was unfit for human consumption," Marchionne said of the Commander. "We sold some. But I don't know why people bought them."

Harsh words for Jeep's former flagship, but Marchionne's mindset will probably prevent any Commander-like failures from rolling out of Chrysler factories in the future.

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