Launch control returns for 2012 Nissan GT-R...sort of

The Nissan GT-R, aka Godzilla, has been an exotic killer from day one... but it was also a transmission-shredding warranty killer as well, except in 2011, but in 2012...

Nissan's supercar killer, the GT-R, has been impressive enough to earn itself the nickname of Godzilla, but from the beginning this fast coupe has had one major Achilles heel: launch control.

Starting with the first car, when launch control was used it was inducing transmission failures for many drivers, and Nissan left some owners with repair bills in the $20,000 range as a result. How so? Because Nissan specified to owners that use of the feature would void the warranty, it eventually created an uproar loud enough that had Nissan fixing some cars anyway, and removing the feature from the 2011 model year car.

Now, for 2012 Nissan is taking another crack at offering launch control, but this time it will be known as "R Mode Start," which requires a very specific six-step process in order to utilize, according to form users at NAGTROC, via egmCarTech.

R-Mode Start
First, the driver must place the shift lever to either the "A" or "M" position. Next, select the R Mode with the transmission setup switch, then select R Mode with the VDC setup switch, depress the brake pedal firmly with your left foot and continuing depressing the brake, then press the accelerator pedal quickly with your right foot until the engine's rpms climb to 4,000 and hold it steady.

The challenge comes in that the driver must find and maintain the 4,000 rpm figure within three seconds of depressing the accelerator, and then release the brake pedal - it is as this point that the car will launch with the assistance of R Mode Start and potentially rocket the occupants to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. Following this procedure, which is outlined in the manual, will not void the warranty.

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