Obama aims for 1M plug-in cars, unveils new plan

President Obama has detailed his plan to put more than 1 million EV and plug-in hybrids on American roads by 2015.

In last night's State of the Union address, United States President Barack Obama told Americans that he wants to put more than 1 million plug-in vehicles on the country's road in just four years. To help deliver on that promise, he sent Vice President Joe Biden to a battery plant in Greenfield, Indiana, to unveil the administration's planned initiatives.

Beginning with a $118.5 million Department of Energy grant to Indiana's Ener1 lithium ion battery plant, the administration hopes to fuel demand and production of electric vehicles. Ener1 is a New York-based publicly traded firm that builds lithium-ion batteries, grid energy storage and industrial electronics.

"We're going to have batteries that go 300 miles on a charge, with 10 bucks of electricity instead of 50 bucks," Biden told reporters gathered in Greenfield.

Budget proposals
Within the federal budget, the Obama administration has proposed a number of methods aimed at increasing the number of EVs on the road, some of which were detailed during the State of the Union and some of which Biden told reporters today in Indiana.

In addition, Obama wants EV rebates worth $7,500 to replace similarly-valued tax credits for EVs. Rather than receiving a tax credit after purchase, consumers would benefit immediately from rebates, Obama says.

The administration aims to offfer up to $10 million each to 30 communities that help promote the use of electric vehicles through the creation of advanced EV infrastructure. Biden and Obama haven't specified exactly what it will take for a community to receive the federal funds aside from building charging stations.

To help communities achieve their goals, Obama says that the Department of Energy will streamline regulations, invest in infrastructure and help covert vehicle fleets to EVs.

In addition, the government says it will purchase an additional 40,000 alternative fuel vehicles to replace federal fleets.

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