Chicago LIVE: Hirsch-modified Saabs make debut

The first Hirsch-modified Saabs arrived today at the Chicago Auto Show.

Hirsch might not be a household name for most performance enthusiasts, but the Swiss Saab tuning brand is hoping to make a big splash in North America by offering its products through Saab dealers.

Although Saab has shown off Hirsch-modified vehicles at European shows, the 2011 Chicago Auto Show marks the North American debut for the brand. Saab hasn't priced many of the Hirsch upgrades yet, but the automaker did offer up a 9-3 and a 9-5 with various Hirsch items.

The 9-3 boasted a Hirsch carbon fiber bodykit, unique alloy wheels, an exhaust system and a leather-wrapped dashboard and center console, as well as a unique flat-bottom steering wheel. The 9-5, Saab's newest model currently on the market, wasn't quite as heavily modified, but it did have a few tuning features like a new exhaust and leather center console trim.

Look for the Hirsch items to arrive in Saab dealers in the United States within the next few months.