Acura developing new sports car, not to be called NSX

While not quite the news many Acura fans likely hoped for, the brand is apparently developing a new sports car that will not follow in the tracks of the iconic NSX.

Acura is working on developing an all-new model - a sports car to be exact - but at this time the only thing we know about the name of this vehicle is that it won't be NSX.

What we do know is that this new sports car is intended to be less of a halo car and more of an affordable sports car that could see moderate volume. The development of the vehicle was confirmed when Honda president Takanobu Ito spoke of the project to a local Japanese newspaper, which was later confirmed by Car and Driver, whom received confirmation from an American Acura executive.

Leftlane had first reported on what was at the time being called a "next-generation NSX" in late November, 2010, and it now appears that the vehicle discussed at that time is more than likely the sports car in question today. If that is the case, expect this vehicle to ride on a modified version of the Accord platform, and to utilize SH-AWD (all-wheel drive), as well as what will most likely end up being a force-fed version of the popular 3.5-liter V6 currently in Honda's lineup.

Some rumors have suggested a hybrid system could also be used, with something along the lines of the Honda CR-Z, but obviously with considerably more power. No word on an expected release of the vehicle, but expect it to be at least a couple years away given the limited information available on the car.

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