It's official: more than one Prius equals "Prii"

After undergoing a unique public polling contest over the last month, Toyota has finally determined the proper way to designate the plural of Prius.

When you invent a new car you have the task of assigning it a new name, but when you choose a name that you also invented, you are left with the task of determining the proper way to make said car's name plural.

Luckily for those of us who have been battling with the unknown naming conventions of the Prius, we at have at last found the answer to the question of how to properly designate the plural of Prius: Prii.

Toyota was faced with finally addressing the concern of how to properly designate the existence of multiple Prii after announcing that it would be expanding its lineup of Prii models, and thus the automaker started the "Prius Goes Plural" voting campaign and asked the public to vote on the best way to designate the plural nomenclature of Prius.

After the votes were counted, the majority vote-getter was "Prii," having garnered 25 percent of all 1.8 million votes. Now Toyota officially recognizes Prii as the proper plural nomenclature for the soon-to-be family of Prii models, and the change was also acknowledged by online reference Dictionary.com.