Aston Martin considering a return to straight-six engines?

Aston Martin's CEO has indicated the company is returning to its roots with a new version of the straight-six engine.

Aston Martin has a long history of straight-six engines, but the British automaker has since abandoned those roots in favor of V8 and V12 powerplants. However, Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez let slip that the company is considering a return to the six-cylinder powerplant.

Speaking with Piston Heads at a recent event in Gaydon, Bez revealed that he would like to see Aston Martin return to straight-six engines. Aston Martin hasn't produces an inline-six engine since the DB7 went out of production in 2003.

Bez said he would like to see a six-cylinder engine "around 2.5 liter capacity with direct injection and turbocharging." He added: "And of course a straight six will fit, because we can already get the V12s in."

Not only would the move to six-cylinders resurrect Aston Martin's pedigree but it could also help the sports car maker comply with more stringent emissions regulations. Aston Martin was recently forced to launch the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet to improve its corporate emissions.

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