Geneva LIVE: Renault's Juke-based CAPTUR concept

Renault's Nissan Juke-based CAPTUR concept car took to the stage today at the Geneva Motor Show.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn today revealed a new concept, the CAPTUR, a vehicle that the automaker says is intended to reveal Renault's new design strategy.

If you go back to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, Renault first announced its then new and current brand identity, as well as a two-seater concept known as DeZir coupe, which it said expressed "falling in love." The second part of that cycle is said to be conveyed by CAPTUR, and is "that of two people exploring the world around them."

In case you're confused, Renault's director of design, Laurens Van den Acker explained the idea in his own words, "CAPTUR is a fun and sporty crossover, ideal for a young couple about to discover the world."

If the design of the CAPTUR seems somewhat familiar, that is likely because Renault-Nissan have already created a vehicle which seems to share the same basic shape and function - the Nissan Juke. As a concept, the CAPTUR obviously makes use of more extreme lines and materials, as well as massive 22-inch wheels that would almost certainly be significantly downsized by the time a production model is penned.

It is also quite possible that in a day and age when automakers are struggling to find ways to cut costs and be competitive, the Renault CAPTUR could in fact be the first step towards Renault creating its own take of the Juke, which would likely share its platform and drivetrain, but with a unique style. Speculation aside, below you will find what we do know for sure about the Renault CAPTUR.

Inside the CAPTUR
Renault went the extra mile to convey a feeling of warmth and brightness inside, as evidence by the extensive use of glass in the roof and the bright orange materials throughout. The center console, door panels and dashboard are all formed from translucent material, also adding to the open feeling.

Of course, one can't miss the extensive use of brightly colored orange fiber ropes throughout the interior, which seem to define the overall style.

CAPTUR the power
The CAPTUR is propelled - at least in concept form - by the new Energy dCi 130, a 160 horsepower twin-turbo 1.6-liter diesel engine that finds its peak torque 280 lb-ft of torque at a low 1,750 rpm. This sporty engine is matched to a dual clutch EDC gearbox.

Renault says that the CAPTUR also features the RX2 system, which is a new and unique type of mechanical locking differential.

The CAPTUR can also capture what lies ahead - literally - thanks to the Visio-system, which uses a forward-facing camera in the windshield to capture real-time image and overlay information that is then displayed on a central screen, creating a type of augmented reality. Renault says this system will reduce driving stress.

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