Geneva LIVE: Bertone Jaguar B99 concept

Bertone's Geneva-debuting B99 concept could preview a next-generation Jaguar, despite its retro-inspired styling.

To help celebrate its 99th birthday at the Geneva Motor Show, Bertone unveiled a new concept car based on a full-size Jaguar sedan.

The B99 - Bertone 99 - recalls the automaker's previous Jaguar efforts, particularly the XJ Coupe of the 1970s.

Boasting suicide doors, the B99 is a much roomier interpretation of a modern four-door coupe. Its simple interior is more elegant than many concept cars, with four captain's chairs and a full-length center console.

The B99 utilizes two 150kW motors planted in the rear axle housings and a traditional underhood 1.4-liter gas engine. Combined, Bertone says that the two engines put out an impressive 570 horsepower under hard acceleration. Driven more modestly, the car should be capable of a 434 mile range.

Details surrounding the B99 concept remain scarce, but it's possible the car stands as a preview of Jaguar's upcoming BMW 3-Series rival. Jag's compact sedan should hit the market in 2014.

Some sources suggest that the B99 could provide a hint into the next-generation Jaguar X-Type - or whatever the automaker's new sub-XF offering will be called.

However, the concept's conservative styling could indicate the B99 is simply a one-off design study. The concept's design is largely "˜old' Jaguar without any real connections to the current XK, XF and XJ.

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