Geneva LIVE: Smart Forspeed electric concept

Smart has unveiled its latest Forspeed electric concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Completing its range of eco-friendly rides, Smart has unveiled its latest Forspeed electric concept. The Forspeed concept - which builds on Smart's Escooter two-wheel concept - made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the Fortwo Electric Drive, the Forspeed adds a little more excitement with an open-air speedster setup. The Forspeed features a unique front fascia with honeycomb grilles, a windscreen with integrated solar cells and a nautical-inspired interior.

The Forspeed's electric motor produces 40 horsepower, with another 7 horsepower on tap in overboost mode. The Forspeed can hit 75mph flat-out, with a total electric range of about 84 miles.

Smart doesn't currently have any production plans for the Forspeed, but that doesn't mean some of the concept's design elements won't eventually make it to a road-going model.

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