Toyota tallies three millionth hybrid sale

Toyota has reached a major milestone, selling its three millionth hybrid vehicle during the month of February.

Toyota, the worldwide leader in hybrid sales, has achieved yet another major milestone, tallying its 3 millionth hybrid sale during the month of February. Toyot's global hybrid sales now stand at 3.03 million and counting.

Toyota first began hybrid vehicle sales in 1997, although the company's most popular hybrid model - the Prius - didn't arrive on North American shores until 2000. Since launching the Prius Toyota has added 15 other hybrid models to its global lineup, which are available in about 80 countries across the globe.

Toyota says it will launch six completely new hybrid models and four refreshes hybrid models by the end of next year.

Not only is the volume of Toyot's hybrid sales impressive, but also the brisk pace. It took Toyota about 10 years to sell its first million hybrids but just another three years to sell its second million. The jump from two million sales to three million sales was even more impressive, taking just over two years.

Toyota estimates that its hybrid vehicles have contributed to 18 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions.