Honda extends Japanese shutdowns

The ground may have stopped shaking, but Japan's recent earthquake continues to affect Honda's automotive operations.

Still trying to recover from the massive earthquake that rocked Japan earlier this month, Honda has announced further shutdowns of its automotive operations. The latest work stoppage affects two of the automaker's production plants as well as an R&D facility.

Honda previous suspended production at two of its Japanese plants until March 27, but that shut down has now been extended until to April 3. The plant closures could impact U.S. supplies of the Honda Fit, Honda CR-V and Acura TSX.

Additionally, Hond's R&D facility in Tochigi remains shuttered as the automaker continues to make repairs. The building sustained massive damage during the quake and could take several months to repair. In the interim, employees will be working at different locations.

"Based on the expectation that it will take several months until the complete recovery of these facilities, Honda decided to temporally transfer some functions such as the automobile product development, development of manufacturing technologies and procurement to Honda operations in other locations such as Sayama, Suzuka, and Wako," Honda said in a statement today.

Despite the production suspensions in Japan, Hond's North American operations aren't expected to feel the effects in the short-term. Most of Hond's North American plants are supplied by North American-based companies.

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