BMW unveils versatile M3 pickup (M3 Camino?)

Not content with your average April Fool's joke, BMW took the elaborative step of making an actual M3 pickup.

The Germans and their sense of humor. After our spies nabbed photos of a mildly disguised BMW M3 running around the Nurburgring circuit last month, BMW has officially taken the wraps off of its newest M3 "model," the M3 Pickup.

Yes, your calendar is correct: It's April 1.

This pricey and complex gag won't be headed to showrooms near you, but that doesn't mean that BMW can't have you dreaming a little (or having a nightmare, depending on your perspective).

BMW says that the M3's standard 420-horsepower V8 lies under the pickup's hood, as does suspension system. However, lopping off the rear portion of a stock M3 convertible saved around 155 lbs. over the production model and BMW says its Aerodynamic Test Center found that the M3's drag coefficient is about par with the coupe's.

A removable targa top reminds us of the Dodge Dakota Convertible while allowing al fresco hauling.

The biggest changes come at the rear, where a drop-down tailgate reveals a cargo area covered in steel plating. BMW says that load capacity is nearly 1,000 lbs. and that it can haul 20 standard 46-inch golf bags, making it more of a caddy than the long-departed VW of the same name.

Don't look for an M3 pickup to head to a dealer near you. BMW says that the M3 Camino, as we are calling it, will remain a workshop transport vehicle to support its Nurburgring operations.