Jeep unveils six modified rigs for annual Easter Jeep Safari

Jeep has released its full lineup of Easter Jeep Safari-bound creations.

Following two earlier teaser shots, Jeep has fully revealed six new "Moparized" creations that will debut at the 45th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The Easter Jeep Safari kicks off on April 16th.

Jeep Wrangler 'Pork Chop'
Standing as the superleggera of the Safari lineup, the ironically-named Pork Chop focuses on extreme weight savings to increase overall performance -- gone are the Wrangler's doors, top, tailgate, bumpers, carpet and sway bars.

The Pork Chop also sports a one-ff roll cage and a lowered windshield. Aluminum bumpers and an aluminum/carbon fiber hood further aid in weight savings.

Underhood the Wrangler powerplant remains, but Mopar has added a cold air intake for a bit more power. A 20-gallon fuel tank should ensure long days on the trail while 35 inch tires, a revised suspensions and 4.88 gears will keep the Pork Chop from getting stuck.

Jeep says the Pork Chop is 850 pounds lighter than a normal Wrangler.

Jeep Compass Canyon
Jeep's newest product, the revised Compass, has also been made over for the Safari, receiving a suspension kit from Rocky Road Suspension, bigger Mickey Thompson tires and a set of wheels borrowed from the larger Jeep Liberty.

The Compass' front and rear sway bars have been removed for better off-road articulation, while a cold air intake kit and a cat-back exhaust have been added for better performance. In order to protect the Compass' undercarriage, bigger skid plates have also been added.

Jeep Cherokee Overland
Bringing back some of the old-school Jeep to the U.S., Jeep's Easter Safari lineup includes the Cherokee Overland -- a name we haven't seen on these shores in a few years. Based on the built-for-export 2011 Cherokee (known as the Liberty in the U.S.), the Cherokee Overland is powered by a 2.8L diesel four cylinder and features Jeep's Selec-Trac II 4x4 system.

In addition to an ARB roof rack, the Cherokee Overland also has a 3-inch ARB suspension lift, ARB rear locker and beefier Mickey Thompson tires.

Of course the Cherokee Overland has plenty of under-body protection and a Zebra paint scheme that should blend right in with the surrounding wildlife.

Jeep Wrangler Renegade
As predicted on these pages, the Renegade is the culmination of so many hopes and dreams, finally giving the world a HEMI-powered Jeep Wrangler. And for some added icing on the cake, the Renegade doesn't have just any HEMI -- it comes packing a 475 horsepower version of Chrysler's new 6.4L HEMI V8.

Throw in a six-speed manual transmission and a 4.10 gears and the Jeep Wrangler Renegade promises to be a screamer on the street, but was actually designed with off-road in mind. The Renegade features new axles from and rear with ARB lockers, a set of 35-inch tires and a suspension lift. The Renegade's black and gold paint scheme is a throw-back to the Renegade models of the 1970s.

Jeep Wrangler JK-8 Independence
The Jeep Scrambler CJ-8's spirit lives on in the form of the Wrangler JK-8 Independence. Offered as a do-it-yourself conversion, the JK-8 transforms the Wrangler into a two-seat pickup with a 50 inch bed.

Being a one-off custom the JK-8 needed a little more in the way of performance modifications, so the Moparized Jeep also features new axles, 4.88 gears, 37-inch tires and a lift kit.

Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush
Inspired by California's King of Hammers race, the Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush was design for high-speed off-roading and extreme rock crawling. Making the Wrangler Renegade look like a fuel saver, the Blue Crush is powered by a 540 horsepower 426 HEMI engine.

To handle whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, Mopar equipped the Blue Crush with fully customized suspension, 39 inch tires and specially made driveshafts. The Blue Crush also features racing seats, baja-style roll cage and a fuel cell.

Jeep Wrangler Pork Chop