Chevrolet recalls Cruze after steering wheel falls off [Video]

General Motors is calling back 2,100 Cruze sedans after a steering wheel became separated from the steering column in Minnesota.

After a Chevrolet Cruze lost its steering wheel at speed last month in far western Minnesota, General Motors has issued a recall for its newest four-door compact sedan.

The recall comes in response to a white Cruze LT that lost its wheel at speed on a highway. The driver of the Cruze was able to get the car off of the road without hitting anything and nobody was injured, but, as you can see from the video below, the steering wheel became totally separated from the steering column.

GM says that the problem was an isolated issue, but the automaker plans to call back around 2,100 Cruzes that could have had improperly attached steering wheels. The North American-market Cruze is built at GM's Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant. The recall does not apply to global market Cruzes built elsewhere.

GM will inspect wheels to ensure that they are properly attached. The automaker says it has received no other reports of loose steering wheels on the Cruze. The automaker does warn drivers that a steering wheel that feels loose on the column is reason for immediate concern.