Drifting champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. roasts Carl's Jr. drive-thru in RTR [Video]

Formula Drift 2010 champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. recently took his personal RTR Mustang through a drive-thru where serious shenanigans ensue.

Professional driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. is coming off the best year of his career in 2010, securing official sponsorship by Monster Energy, Ford Racing, taking the Formula Drift season title and even launching his own line of custom Mustangs known as the RTR, or "Ready to Rock."

Gittin recently made a trip to southern California where he decided to stop by a Carl's Jr. to grab "two number nines, a turkey burger, " and of course, "three Monsters." Shortly after ordering Vaughn and his trusty posse decided that roasting the heck out of his Falken tires with a few donuts would be a great idea.

Unfortunately, the Happy Star's vision was apparently impaired from his suit and a dangerous collision took place.

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If you feel inspired to try some donuts in an RTR but don't have the cash to buy the real deal, you can always settle for driving the RTR or the 1970 Mustang RTR-X in Shift 2:Unleashed. (Tip: If you have surround sound, crank it up...there is bass-a-plenty!)

No word on whether or not the Happy Star received any injuries from his impromptu introduction to the RTR's hood and windshield.