Ford France ad uses adorable dogs to show off C-Max Park Assist [Video]

The creative folks at Ford of France have created a unique commercial that takes advantage of the age-old weapon of adorable dogs.

Ford's C-Max people mover hasn't quite arrived on U.S. soil yet, but that hasn't stopped Ford France from producing a clever commercial aimed at showing off the car's Active Park Assist feature.

Claiming something is "so easy to use, a dog could use it" is certainly a bold claim, so Ford decided to do exactly that. Although realistically we all know it would be impossible as Fido couldn't reach the pedals (although he appears to have enlisted the help of a friend), it still makes for an entertaining video.

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Given the fact that the video has only been posted for one day and is already nearing 150,000 views, it's a safe bet to say it was a success - or was it? Does the commercial focus too much on dogs and not enough on the car? Or was this a clever way to get the brand name and new technology in front of fresh faces?