Million Mile Joe's 1990 Honda Accord approaches 1,000,0000 mile milestone [video]

Although certainly not unheard of, reaching one million miles with a mostly original vehicle is a big deal. Just ask "Joe" about his 1990 Honda Accord.

It's hard to get excited about one million miles when presented the example of a Volvo P1800 nearing three million miles, but given the rarity of each occasion, it's certainly still an event worth mentioning and commending.

Joe LoCicero, from Norway, Maine, also known as "Million Mile Joe," has been logging an average of 62,500 miles on his 1990 Accord each year since he bought it in 1996 with 74,000 miles on the odometer. As Joe toppled 900,000 miles he decided to visit a local Honda dealer and let them know he was on a mission to hit 1,000,000 miles, which led us to where we are today.

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Joe says that his secret to maintaining his Accord has been to follow the owner's manual and scheduled maintenance to the letter, checking his fluids weekly. Joe runs 10W-30 oil in the summer and 5W-30 in the winter, changing either every 5,000 miles.

Aside from scheduled maintenance, Joe has made a few expected repairs, including replacing the fuel pump, both cooling fans and the radiator twice.

Joe is expected to breach the million-mile mark this September.