Volkswagen's GTI Edition 35 hot hatch not U.S.-bound after all

Volkswagen kicked off the month of June with news of an uprated GTI that was expected to come stateside, but now it appears VW has had second thoughts.

In order to commemorate 35 years of hopped-up GTI hot hatch fun in Europe, Volkswagen created a limited run model to be called the Edition 35, which fittingly was uprated to 235 horsepower to match the occasion.

It didn't take long for rumors to surface suggesting the car could come stateside, albeit with a different name. Unfortunately, it appears that U.S.-based VW execs have decided for you that no one really wants a faster GTI or special edition models, so they aren't going to import it, says Car and Driver. "VW of America simply didn't want the car," said a German marketing executive at VW.

The move seems somewhat peculiar given VW's recent pattern of creating special edition models of other vehicles, or generally doing just about anything to build its market share in the crucial U.S. market.

With the Focus ST on the way, the similarly packaged GTI Edition 25 (or whatever they would have called it) might have made for a decent dueling partner - but now we will have to let the Europeans fight that fight instead.

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