Chrysler UAW workers caught getting drunk, high - again [Video]

Oops, they did it again! Chrysler workers at the Trenton, Michigan, plant caught getting high, drinking during breaks - again.

For an almost unbelievable third time in less than a year, several Chrysler workers have been caught on film smoking weed and drinking alcohol while on short breaks before heading back to the assembly line.

Just like the first time the workers were caught, these workers were captured on film by Detroit's Fox 2 News team, led by Rob Wolchek. But something is different this time around, rather than going to a local public park to get high and drunk, the United Auto Workers employees that work at Chrysler's Trenton Engine Plant have instead decided to make use of the private UAW Local 372 parking lot.

This parking lot is located just one mile from the Trenton plant, but offers the workers what they thought was privacy to enjoy their illegal substances before many drove back to work under the influence to finish their shifts.

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So how did Fox 2 News get them yet again?
Simple: co-workers at the Trenton Engine Plant called the news station complaining about their consistently high or drunk co-workers, hoping the news station could help expose the problem and force Chrysler to get rid of the workers.

After recording the workers drinking and/or smoking what appeared to be weed, the workers were filmed day in and day out returning back to Trenton to finish their shifts.

One worker, known as Terry, even showed up on a daily basis drinking for two hours before his shift even started. When confronted, Terry admitted to drinking, but then denied that he would go to work drunk.

A little digging by Fox 2 revealed that Terry's drinking problem had produced in a DUI in the past, resulting in a revoked license since 1993. Despite that fact, Fox 2 filmed Terry drinking and then immediately driving five days a week before his shift started.

What did the UAW have to say about the partying in their lot?
When Wolchek confronted the vice president of Local 372, the VP assured Wolchek he had no knowledge of the activity in his lot.

The VP went on to explain that after 13 Chrysler UAW employees were caught in similar behaviors at the Jefferson facility, warnings were given to all workers to report any such activity to management and that appropriate disciplinary actions would be taken.

What does Chrysler have to say about the latest video?
While the UAW refused to meet with Fox 2 to view the tapes, Chrysler did send representatives to the news station to view the tapes for themselves. After viewing the tapes, Scott Garberding, senior vice president of manufacturing, said, "I just want to say I am both hurt and angered over what your cameras captured. Again, we have Chrysler workers in a compromised position, without regard for the impact of their actions, the reputation of their coworkers, the plant, of the company, not to mention their own reputation and that of their families."

Gerberding went on to explain his disappointment that workers would put their own selfish actions ahead of the thousands of workers who rely on the company to make a living, "As a company, in the last two years we've come too far and made way too much progress to let the bad actions of a few put a shadow on the rest of the employees. And to be clear, we've got a code of conduct at Chrysler and some of the activities that we saw in your video are clearly outside of the code of conduct and unacceptable. The employees that we identify, as soon as we understand who they are, will be suspended indefinitely without pay and anybody else involved will be dealt with swiftly. It's very frustrating to us, we take it very seriously. We have a lot of very committed folks at Chrysler. We are very proud of our team. We have some folks who apparently do not want to be part of that team."

Chrysler has now yet announced how many workers in total will be indefinitely suspended for their actions.

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