Ford Mustang revs up as Mary Kay's newest ride

The iconic pink Cadillac will now have company in the Mary Kay corporate garage.

For years, Cadillacs have been the ride of choice for everyone from the President to top performing Mary Kay employees. While chances are slim of seeing "the Beast," Mr. Obama's high-tech limo, on a used car lot anytime soon, it does look like Mary Kay will diversify their corporate garage with a new set of wheels.

At the annual Mary Kay convention in Dallas on Monday, executives from the cosmetics marketing company announced that new, 2011 Mustangs-painted in black-will become available as an incentive to keep the company's salespeople productive.

The announcement, which was made in front of thousands of sales representatives, was underscored by a vivid pyrotechnics display and a curtain of smoke.

Since the late 1960s, Mary Kay has rewarded its top sales directors with pink Cadillacs that became an icon of the company. Those cars, which are leased for a two-year period, will remain the top reward, reserved for employees who sell at least $100,000 of merchandise per year.

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