Suzuki: Alliance with VW not over yet

Suzuki says that it isn't done with its partnership with VW just yet.

Suzuki's tenuous relationship with Volkswagen isn't over, the Japanese automaker said today. Although Suzuki's top brass have publicly spoken out against VW's role in the two automakers' joint-venture, the Japanese brand has no plan to pull out.

Earlier this week, Germany's Platow newspaper reported that the rocky relationship was set to end, but a Suzuki spokesperson indicated otherwise.

Just last month, Suzuki's chairman made it sound as if Volkswagen had little to offer Suzuki in the relationship.

"Volkswagen has no technology that Suzuki wants right now," Chairman Osamu Suzuki wrote in a blog post.

Suzuki and VW signed a joint-venture in 2009, but the tie-up has hardly been fruitful. Promised small cars developed by Suzuki with VW technology have not emerged and both sides have indicated displeasure with the relationship.

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