Leaked images emerge of JDM 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid [UPDATE]

Yesterday Toyota previewed a 2012 Camry taillamp in U.S.-spec form, today we have a slew of interior and exterior shots of the JDM version.

Toyota has officially shown off the headlamp and taillamp of the U.S.-spec 2012 Camry already, but now it appears a slew of interior and exterior shots of the Japanese market version of the 2012 Camry Hybrid have been exposed.

The photos do reflect a slightly different taillamp than the one shown yesterday by Toyota, but it is unclear at this time if the differences are entirely to blame on market differences or trim level changes.

Worth noting, however, is the fact that the interior shots are rumored to be identical for both the JDM and U.S. market car, according to VW Vortex, which means these images are likely an identical representation of what can be expected to arrive inside the 2012 U.S. Camry.

It can also be gathered from one of the images showing engine and fuel economy figures that this model, in Japan, can come with either a 2.4-liter or a 2.5-liter gas engine, both of which come as part of a gas-electric hybrid system. Utilizing the Japanese driving cycle, the Camry Hybrid appears to be good for 62.3 miles per gallon, a figure that will be a fair amount lower when calculated on the U.S. cycle (no direct conversion is possible).

What we know about the U.S.-spec car so far
Following the same methods used for the headlamp teaser, Toyota took to social media to tease a new, sharp-edged Camry taillamp as part of the buildup to reveal the redesigned car.

Not a whole lot can be gained from the latest teaser aside from the fact that it appears the latest Camry will not be entirely different in its design from the outgoing model, rather representing an evolution of sorts.

Obviously, the first image shown is focused largely on he headlamp that we've already seen once before, but some new details are shared across the front fascia as well. From this image we get a preview of what appears to be more extensive use of sharp edges and lines than on the previous model, a move from the soft lines currently proliferating Toyota's lineup.

A video that surfaced on the Web that shows three models of the Camry in their entirety and a single photo apparently scanned from dealer material has also been found. Compared to the new image released by Toyota, it appears that the scanned image is either from a different market or a different trim level as subtle differences can be seen in the upper and lower grilles, as well as the foglamp housings.

The scanned photo appears to be more of a rendering or a heavily touched-up image than a typical studio shot. It shows off angular headlamps like those seen on a video shown below, as well as a decidedly Avalon-esque front fascia treatment. This Camry looks like the top-of-the-line XLE variant, rather than the mainstream LE or sport-oriented SE models.

The video, from a large dealer gathering, introduces gathered attendees to three versions of the 2012 Camry: The sport-oriented Camry SE, the range-topping Camry XLE and the eco-friendly Camry Hybrid.

Although it's hard to tell much from the video, which was shot from a mobile phone, we can tell that the Camry XLE is black, the Camry SE is red and the Camry Hybrid appears to be silver. None of the designs appear to diverge substantially from the current Camry, although the look is undeniably simpler and more angular.

In the previously released official video, Akio Toyoda stood near a red Camry - probably the same Camry SE shown in the video - and broadly told us what to expect about the next version of Toyota's best-seller. Toyoda promised the next Camry to be the best ever, emphasizing that Toyota listened to its customers in developing its next midsize sedan by putting handling, safety and fuel economy as top priorities.

The 2012 Camry is likely to not make its auto show debut until the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, but the fact that Toyota has shown it off to its dealers tells us that a public unveiling is imminent.

Thanks to several readers for sending in both the photo and the video. We appreciate the tips!

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