Dacia preparing new Logan for 2012?

Dacia is working on a replacement for the Logan, their has-been best-seller.

Daci's bargain-priced Logan used to be one of the most popular cars in some Western European markets like France, but its sales have taken a heavy hit over the first half of 2011.

Renault says its low-cost Romanian brand's sales have slumped in Western Europe because cash for clunkers-like programs have ended, but, save for a minor 2008 refresh, the Logan hasn't evolved much since its 2004 launch.

That last reason is about to get crossed off the list as Dacia is reportedly working on a brand new Logan that might be revealed at next year's Paris Motor Show.

Replacing the Logan is no small task. Its main selling point is its low purchase price of 7,600 Euros and Daci's parent company Renault doesn't want it to go up by more than a few hundred Euros. For the next Logan to be both profitable and attractive the redesign has to cost as little as possible.

To keep development costs low, Daci's engineers are going to raid the Renault parts bin. A rumor circulating is that the next Logan will use the Fluence sedan's running gear, but that has yet to be confirmed. What is near certain is it will be available with both 90 horsepower and 100 horsepower versions of Renault's time-tested 1.5-liter four-cylinder dCi diesel. A 105 horsepower gas-powered four banger will also be on the menu.

Buyers throughout Europe have very different tastes in cars, and to make sure the next-generation Logan appeals to consumers across the board, it is expected to be available as a five-door hatch back as well as a four-door sedan.

The second-generation Logan should be revealed at next year's Paris Motor Show and hit dealer showrooms before 2012 ends. The pickup and wagon versions will follow the redesign but won't be available until 2013.

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