1/8th scale Lamborghini Aventador model to fetch $4.2M? [Video]

Want an Aventador? How about one you can't drive that costs 12 times as much?

People often to refer to exotic cars as "expensive toys," but in this circumstance, we're likely talking about the most expensive toy exotic car ever built. Literally.

While most of us were busy finding and photographing actual production and concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Carscoop and a member of M5Board noticed that there was a 1/8th-scale Lamborghini Aventador model hiding behind a bullet-proof glass case.

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The model was built by Robert Gulpen, a former Mercedes-Benz engineer who happened to have a rather unique (and expensive) vision of what an Aventador LP 700-4 should look like and be made of in model size. In fact, Gulpen set out to create the world's most expensive and precious model car.

To achieve that, Gulpen used (for the first time ever) actual carbon fiber to build the body, doors and hoods. As if that wasn't enough, 1 1/1000 mm thread of solid gold was wrapped around the carbon fibers - something that obviously wasn't easy (or cheap) to do.

The wheels are cast from a combination of solid gold and platinum, along with the interior including the seats, cockpit and steering wheel.

But why stop at precious metals and fibers? Gulpen also utilized high-carat gemstones as final touches that would ensure the model would become the most expensive and exclusive model car in the world.

So what is to be done with the car? The model is set to be sold at well-known auction house for at least $4.2 million, with a portion set to be donated to charity.

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