Dacia launches online sales program

Italian customers will be able to bypass the dealer when ordering a new Dacia

Starting today Italian customers can order a new Dacia from the comfort of their own home via the brand's newly-launched Dacia Store.

Dealers around the world have previously used the internet to sell new cars that they have in stock but the Dacia Store is different in that it allows customers to order their new car straight from the factory and to their specs.

"We chose to launch the Dacia Store in Italy because it is a country where internet use is growing exponentially and where the Dacia brand accounts for about 2.1% of private vehicle sales", explained Rafaël Treguer, the director of Dacia's worldwide marketing.

Dacia says that it takes just fifteen clicks to order a new car. The process is fairly simple: a buyer signs up on the Dacia Store's site, configures his car and pays a 500 euro down payment. Next he chooses which of Dacia's 111 Italian dealers he wants the car delivered to and fills out the information required for the title. Delivery takes about six weeks; when the car is ready, the buyer heads over to the dealer he selected, pays the balance owed on the car and drives off.

The only car currently available for online purchase is the Sandero hatchback. The price of it stays same whether it is ordered through the Dacia Store or at a dealer so to incite customers to buy online, Dacia is offering two special versions of it.

The first is the Sandero Ambiance Online, powered by a 75 horsepower 1.2 gasoline engine, and the second is the Sandero Stepway Online, powered by a 90 horsepower 1.5 dCi diesel. Both cars have edition-specific equipment and paint jobs.

The Dacia Store's test period in Italy will last anywhere from six to twelve months. If it is judged successful, it will be gradually made available in more countries.

Dacias are some of the least expensive cars currently for sale in Europe and because of that buyers have a tendency to not negotiate the price of the car with the dealer. This, plus the fact the cars generally sell themselves, makes the online store perfectly tailored to the brand and its customer base.