Cadillac cancels upcoming ATS Convertible variant

Dead before it was ever born - Cadillac reportedly killed off a drop-top variant of the upcoming ATS.

While Cadillac has yet to even reveal the "standard" version of the upcoming ATS sedan beyond that of a simple tease, it appears General Motors' luxury division has had a change of heart regarding a proposed drop-top variant of the car.

According to inside sources privy to such information who spoke with GMInsideNews, internal studies were unable to justify the cost of the car's development and as a result the ATS-based convertible project has been canceled.

It is believed that Cadillac has been pursuing plans for sedan, coupe and convertible vehicles based on the upcoming Alpha platform, which would have given Cadillac its only convertible if it reached market before the rumored Ciel-based convertible.

Instead, look for the ATS to arrive in sedan form in the summer of 2012, with the next variant not to come until the 2015 model year in early 2014 as a coupe.

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